Using Automatic Update

An automatic update option was added from v4.5+ (Build 4500+). If you are using v4.5 or greater, you can update iBilling from Settings -> about.

Automatic update requires some php functions enabled for server to server connectivity, like cURL, fopen etc. If automatic updates does not work in your server environment, you can simply download latest stable version from CodeCanyon. And manually update iBilling.

To update manually-

  1. It’s strongly recommended to make backup of your files, databases before proceeding updates.
  2. Keep backup your logo
  3. Replace all your files with new files.
  4. Now login to your iBilling, it will update database schema and build number automatically when first login. In some case if you see any error related to database table, go to your url/?ng=update For example –
  5. If you still face any issues, contact us using our profile page with a login access.


We always recommend staying up-to-date with iBilling in order to benefit from the latest development and improvements.

Upgrading will not break your existing data & you will be able to upgrade any version to any version. Upgrading is Free.

For Older Version (Build 4400 or less): How To Update?

To update, download latest files from codecanyon. Replace All Files with New Files & you are done. Optionally you may keep backup your logo & replace the logo again.

After update, for first time login you will be redirected to update page to update database schema automatically, Once done, you will be redirected again to Dashboard.